About Us

Steve Leib has been taking pictures for over forty years. His earliest experiences where with a Kodak Brownie Box Camera. In 1967, Steve took his first photography class where he learned the importance of composition, lighting, balance, and flow. He learned to develop film and photos using manual exposure equipment in an actual darkroom.
As a junior in highschool, Steve worked as a cameraman for the ABC News affiliate in Tucson, Arizona. Steve gained valuable experience in presenting a story on film as well as the importance of editing for effect.
Steve continued to shoot on film for many years, until the recent birth of digital photography. Today, Steve shoots on Nikon Digital SLR cameras and almost always has a camera on hand.
Notable Sessions:
- 2007 Arizona Special Olympics. Steve was commissioned by the State of Arizona Department of Corrections to document every 2007 Special Olympics event in Arizona. Steve's final presentation, in DVD format, was presented to the World Special Olympics finals in China!

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